How Do I Start A Business?


You Have An Idea For A Business But Don’t Know Where To Start You have an idea for a business and don’t know where to start. In my opinion, this is when many great ideas die. Failing to plan is planning to fail. If you have a unique and profitable […]

How To Choose An Appliance Or Junk Removal Service

junk haul away

I was inspired to write this article after dealing with many customers and hearing many horror stories ranging from bad service, destruction of property, and to include even theft. As with any industry, there are good and bad appliance and junk removal companies but with a little due diligence you may be […]

Burial at Sea

Burial at Sea

Funeral Service for Navy Personnel at Sea One of the more unique forms of military funerals has to be the age-old tradition of burial at sea. The tradition of burial at sea has been conducted for as long as there have been seafaring peoples. A tradition born of necessity. When traveling so […]