The Future Of Funeral Services

funeral homes

The world has changed and funeral homes’ standard operating procedures have changed dramatically. The old way of doing business has disappeared in the blink of an eye and likely never to return.

The Tradition of Taps at Military Funerals

military funeral

The forlorn trumpet or bugle being played during a┬ámilitary funeral┬áthat seems to hold that note longer than possible. It never seems to end, it just fades away. The echo seems to reverberate and you are never sure until later that it is gone. Somber. Final. The traditions of taps goes […]

Burial at Sea

Burial at Sea

Funeral Service for Navy Personnel at Sea One of the more unique forms of military funerals has to be the age old tradition of burial at sea. The tradition of burial at sea has been conducted for as long as there have been seafaring peoples. A tradition born of necessity. When traveling […]

The Ritual of the Honor Guard

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The ritual of the Honor Guard is an important part of a funeral service for a standard military funeral. It is different from a 21 gun salute.

Supporting Loved Ones in Moments of Grief: Now or Later?

The older I get I find myself spending more time at funeral homes. It is inevitable, I suppose, to spend at least some of that time thinking about death and loss. Is there a better time to reflect on such subjects? It is never a comfortable situation albeit necessary. The […]

Why Is it so hard to discuss death with family

preplanned funeral

by Rick Lucas It could be the toughest conversation you will ever have and the easiest to put off. People tend to not want to face the necessity of discussing or planning their own funeral service. 

How To Fund A Funeral

by Rick Lucas Many people either do not know or do not want to face the financial reality of paying for a funeral. Funeral homes expect to get paid as soon as the services have been completed.

Pre-planned Funeral Eases Anxiety For Family And Friends

by Rick Lucas A pre-planned or pre-arranged funeral is the process of specifying final wishes and decisions with your funeral home of choice to ease the burden from family and friends. Many milestones in life require some degree of planning: a wedding, children, career, retirement. End-of-life planning should be no […]