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Social Media Marketing, or SMM, is another facet of digital marketing and has become an important part of every business’s marketing plan. SMM is the strategic use of social media platforms to, among other things, reach potential new customers, build a brand, increase sales, increase website traffic…etc. SMM can be tedious and time-consuming so it should be considered part of a long-term business plan.

Social media is an opportunity to engage with followers to market a company’s products or services. Each social media marketing platform has its own demographic, so any campaign needs to be customized to fit the target audience to maximize resources. It is wise to have a presence on as many as possible but to get the best return on investment it is best to focus on two or three that fit that target audience. 

Louisville SEO Strategies has experience with virtually every SMM platform out there and the tools to utilize them to help any small business get their business in front of more customers and build their brand. We offer free social media marketing consultations. Call or contact us to schedule an appointment to learn how we can help you grow your business. 

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