As any company grows the challenges involved grow. One of those challenges can be finding a reliable and trustworthy computer and electronics recycling company. The amount of computer scrap can add up so it is paramount to avoid letting all that end up in the landfill by finding a reliable professional sooner than later. The best strategy is to begin your search with local companies for several reasons.

By going with a local company you lower risk by lowering the number of hands that the materials will have to pass through. If there is even a chance that any of the hard drives has sensitive company information then by working with a local e-waste company the chance for the information ending up in the wrong hands is minimized. It is probable that security personnel or management could accompany the materials and watch it be destroyed. That would be near impossible or inordinately expensive if shipped even a short distance. 

When working with a local company the convenience of being able to schedule pick ups without having to worry about setting up shipping by a third party removes a layer of complication. The extra steps involved in arranging shipping and scheduling drop off or pick ups can be alleviated by staying local.

Verifying the downstream practices will be a smoother process by contacting a recycling company in the same town. It is vital to know that the downstream practices are environmentally friendly. It would be so much easier to tour the facility or meet with representatives if they are within driving distance. You do not want to find out much too late that they burn the e-waste at their lake property or have other unethical practices. 

Networking may sound a little off topic but bear with me for a moment. Every other business in town has to do something with obsolete electronics. Whoever you choose should have a network of local companies that they have a relationship with. Some of those will be businesses or people you may want to do business with. It may take some time to develop a relationship but it could certainly lead to a few referrals. 

Supporting the local economy is a real benefit. It may not affect you directly or in a quantitative way but what is good for local business is good for you. I am sure that when your neighbor is looking for a product or service you provide I bet you hope they look local first. 

There are several benefits to working with a local computer and e-waste recycling company versus looking broader at regional or national companies. 

This article was written by Rick Lucas, an entrepreneur blogger, for Louisville Recycler. If you have any questions about computer recycling, appliance removal or junk hauling please contact them at their website.

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