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by Rick Lucas

A pre-planned or pre-arranged funeral is the process of specifying final wishes and decisions with your funeral home of choice to ease the burden from family and friends. Many milestones in life require some degree of planning: a wedding, children, career, retirement. End-of-life planning should be no different. Your family will take comfort in knowing your final wishes were honored.

There is a plethora of reasons to plan ahead but in my opinion the most important is monetary. According to Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company the cost of a funeral doubles every 10-15 years. By thinking ahead, you potentially save your family thousands of dollars by acquiring a set price and avoiding financial hardship during a time of grief. This avoids the need of your family to use savings or life insurance for your service when it should be used to protect and sustain your survivors if a catastrophe should occur. Thoughtfully preparing in advance your wishes will also avert your loved ones from emotional overspending. In times of grief and the lack of knowing how you wanted these decisions to be made invariably leads to disagreements about honoring you and spending more money than what is necessary. During traumatic times people seldom make practical decisions.

There are over a hundred decisions and tasks to be completed within the first 24-48 hours after the loss of a loved one. By making a majority of these decisions ahead of time you allow your family to begin the healing process. Thinking ahead will give your family peace of mind that urgent decisions have been made and everyone is confident they know what you wanted. This allows your family to devote time to understanding the loss and less time dealing with funeral arrangements. This will be a gift to your family which will afford them the opportunity to celebrate your life instead of turning it into a dirge.

To begin the process the first step is to contact a local funeral home and put your wishes in writing. They can help you gather all the important documents, necessary personal information, and preferences for the service. It is important to include your family to save time and avoid confusion. This will be a good time to arrange your choice of payment. If you want to lock in the price you will have to make payment arrangements. A copy can be kept at the funeral home in case of emergency.

It is tough to consider one’s own demise. Most people put off these tough decisions until it is too late which leaves their family in a quandary. A pre-planned funeral gives you time to consider your legacy and leave your family with one last bequest.

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