Louisville SEO Strategies

by Rick Lucas

It started more like a hobby or an experiment. I was into recycling and working to make my home as energy efficient as possible so I started a blog and a website where I could gather all of the best tips in one place for friends and family. As it turns out there is money to be made in a recycling and hauling business if you know how to market. That website started to rank well in local searches, and it was noticed by other local entrepreneurs. A friend started a local HVAC company and asked me to help him design a website and help him with local SEO. He referred me to a customer which led to another referral. I had three customers before I even had a website promoting SEO. I really enjoyed working with small companies and the challenge of internet marketing. I worked at night and on the weekends until I had a large enough customer base to go after it full time. That is how Louisville SEO Strategies was born.