Mobile Vending: Top Ten Keys To Success

by Rick Lucas

The mobile vending business can be a rewarding and challenging career. There are keys to success that if followed can help almost anyone achieve their financial goals. I have taken what I have learned in the sales and marketing industry and condensed it into the ten habits that are necessary to prosper. I am sure there are other skills needed but In my opinion these are the ten most important. In the long run, habits or routines can be added but this is a good beginning and will give you the base to build off of.

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5 SEO Mistakes Business Owners Need To Avoid.

by Rick Lucas

A lament every business owner echoes is how many hats they have to wear. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for their website being one of those many tasks that take skill and knowledge to handle in a way that will benefit the business. The changing landscape of how search engines provide search results guarantees that any advice about what to do could be obsolete next year or next week. However, when it comes to DIY SEO there is something I can do that I am sure will help. I can tell you with confidence what not to do.

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